Foire Artisanale et Dégustation de Vins

A fantastic day at the arts & wine fair hosted by the fine folks at Domaine de Sedouprat near Eauze. This part of SW France is famed not just for food, wine and almanac, but also it’s festivals and markets. Claiming the #1 spot, each year it seems more fetes are put on by a variety of sources – towns, organisations, businesses, vineyards, brewery, artists. During the summer, it’s nearly impossible not to find a single day where you could find a festival within driving distance.

Today’s Foire Artisanale et Dégustation de vin was sponsored by AngloINFO. Giles Tilley who operates the Midi-Pyrénées AngloInfo franchise asked me if I’d be willing to come along and be offical photographer. A day off from DIY sounded like a great idea to us.

It was blissfully sunny and warm, and we set off early. Despite best intentions, however we arrived later than expected, due mostly to the fact the vineyard is in the middle of nowhere in NoWhere France. A lack of signage also proved an obstacle to timely arrivals for several folks, including us. Luckily, once we found X marks the spot, we grabbed a nifty parking space and then eagarly set off to check out the happenings.


Loads of exhibitors and stands were set about the lovely gardens of the vineyard’s maison. Wine tasting, a variety produits de terroir, enjoy a lunch on British sausages and bacon, while perusing entertaining cartoons about life in the country. From creative metalwork, greetings cards, scarves, art, to BBQ spits, handmade jewellery and hats, there is something for everyone.

I went around snapping shots with my iphone and little digital camera. Just couldn’t be bothered with dragging in the “big guns”. I reckoned for what Giles had planned for the photos wouldn’t require much in terms of photo technology.

For lunch, we gobbled down homegrown pork, which had been bar-b-que over an open pit. Visited various stands and exhibits and catching up with acquaintances and friends. I bought a couple of rose bushes, and Steve bought a case of rose wine from the vineyard and an orange-infused almanac. All delicious in one way or another.

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