Who’s Vic?

After several years of living off and on in the UK, enjoying the fantastic British weather, Victoria along with her very English hubby, Stephen, escaped to the Hautes-Pyrénées in SW France. Where both were surprised to find it still rains – a LOT! Unperturbed, they fell in love with the French way of life, the majestic wildness of the Pyrénées and most especially their 150+ year-old Maison de Maître (despite it’s lack of a bathroom or kitchen). Victoria now lives a double life in France, the UK and America as a bewildered DIYer, but whip-cracking slave driver of “this old house” renovations and in her “day-job” as an Internet eCommerce and digital marketing geek chick.

This blog chronicles life as a wide-eyed newbie ex-pat to growing savvy local in Southwest France. With wit and humour, Victoria shares her thoughts, anecdotes and experiences of American/British ex-pat living on a wide range of issues. If you’ve ever been in the need to know, curious about, confused by, hated or in love with France, Victoria tells all – the good, bad and the ugly. Bienvenue.

House in the French Quarter in Mobile

About the author
Victoria Bracewell Lewis was born and raised in the Deep South of the US amongst three brothers, a sister and generations of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Later in her teens, in an attempt to broaden her cultural education and tone down the Southern drawl, she was shipped off across the Big Pond to attend school in the UK. It was a pivotal moment where life as she knew it changed direction entirely, eventually becoming a dual US/UK citizen.

After managing to earn a couple of fancy university degrees, she fell in with the wrong crowd with the likes of New Media Factory (the UK’s first internet consultancy), then later Studio Archetype (of Clemont Mok fame), Sapient, LBi (formerly iXL) and Forrester Research.

As an Internet geek chick, Victoria continued to expand her international experiences, ranging from working in the “Stans” (Central Asia) to Switzerland, Spain, San Francisco to Sweden, including other exotic locales in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Washington, D.C.

Amongst family, friends and colleagues, Victoria is probably best known for accepting a job in Kazakhstan thinking she was going to Cozumel; advising her eldest brother back in the ’80’s to invest in a new start-up company called AOL (he didn’t); being addicted to entrepeneur ventures with a dubious track record and her Cajun cooking.

These days, when not taking French lessons, falling off ladders, wielding paintbrushs, garden spades and saucepans, Victoria can be found loitering at eCommerce and online marketing events in the guise of a speaker, or writing and chin-wagging with companies and the press about life in the digital world… and now France.

If you’d like to contact Victoria, or just have a chat over a cuppa, email her at:  Victoria @ victoriasfolly.com  (Yes, there are spaces before and after the @ because of spambots.  Of course, you need to remove them when emailing moi.)

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  1. Your house is a dream. !

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