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Courtesy of Susanne Crosetto and IHT-NYT.

Whoo hoo! Victoria’s Folly received a mention in the International Herald Tribune’s global edition of the New York Times this past Friday (4 May 2012).

IHT article blogroll. Courtesy of Susanne Crosetto & IHT-NYT

Pardon the blatant pat on the back, but I’m just too excited. The half-page article was published in the Properties Section titled, “Expatriate Bloggers Chronicle Details of Home Renovation”, written by Roxana Popescu. The article focuses on two highly popular reading subjects: living abroad in exotic locales combined with the trials and tribulations of renovating old houses. I imagine the former fuels many fantasies of living somewhere new and very different, whereas the latter subject-matter helps achieve a real need for practical information. Irregardless, the article taps into a growing niche within the expat and renovation worlds.

Hats off to Susanne Crosetto, the blogger of Palazzo Pizzo, who kindly introduced herself and also alerted me to the article. From your blog, Suzi, and the article, your Italian home looks like heaven.

For those interested, the online version of the full article is at nytimes.com. Oddly enough, it does not include the full list of blogs. Nor am I’m miffed that the article’s author didn’t contact me for a quote. Just very happy someone liked VictoriasFolly well enough to include it in the newspaper’s print version’s blogroll.

So merci bien Suzie and Ms Popescu for making my day with such fab news!